CrossFit Group Training


CrossFit is group training which uses movements we were born to do; squats, deadlifts, presses, pull-ups, push-ups, running and jumping. We also learn the Olympic lifting and aim to master basic gymnastics. We run, we row, we skip, we do burpees. We mix these different elements into as many different patterns and combinations as creativity will allow, because routine is the enemy. Training at high intensity is the key to getting the results we’re after; whether it’s decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, feeling better, sleeping better and looking better.

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, an athlete or a first responder (fire, police, military) CrossFit will get you fit and help you achieve your goals. For most of us, doing high intensity training 3-4 times per week and improving our nutrition is all that is needed to improve quality of life. For those of us seeking higher levels of fitness, or those with a specialisation, gaining a solid foundation of general physical preparedness is the key to big success.

To ensure a successful start to CrossFit, CrossFit Mitchelton now provides a compulsory 6 week Personal Training block. This block is specifically designed to provide the right pathway into the CrossFit classes. For the 6 weeks you will work through the foundational movements of CrossFit, and the programming will be focused around building strength, and cardio. The 6 week block is a great way to get you fit, and after the 6 weeks, you will be ready to join the CrossFit classes.

If you are, however, an experienced CrossFitter, and require just a "refresher", you are not required to complete the 6 week block.

NEXT Personal Training block begins 14th august!

If you would like to start earlier, contact TODAY!

  • Times available: Monday, Wednesday 7am, 6pm, or 7pm sessions, and Saturday 6:30am class. **other times are available**
  • Training sessions: 3 classes per week, 1 hour sessions.
  • Cost: $300, 6 Week Personal Training Block (no obligation to join Crossfit after, you can continue with Personal Training)
  • All training takes place at our Mitchelton facility
  • Our coaches are all CrossFit Level 1 Trainers and hold (or are attaining) Certificate III & IV in Fitness.
  • Other Personal Training blocks, and trainers are also available. More information via our Personal Trainers page.

For further information contact:, or phone: 3355 5548.