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Nepal WOD

Extra Training 

Clean & jerk Max for day then 3×1 @ 85% of Max

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WOD for Nepal

We are running the ‘WOD for Nepal’ along with over 120 other gyms around the country. Come along and drop a donation in the bucket.
Here is an explanation from Kam Ahmed (WOD for Nepal organiser) of how the money will get to where it is needed:

We (WOD for Nepal) will have a form on the website for you to publish your gym name and enter the amount of funds raised. This will be published for everyone to see. Funds must be deposited as soon as possible with a cutoff of the 15/05/2015

We will produce a report within seven working days after the cut-off date. This report will be produced based on our Bank Account statements and break down Deposits received, and any costs we’ve incurred as a part of WOD for Nepal – as previously stated these will be nominal, this will be published.

We will ask all charities who are recipients of funds to issue us a certificate of receipt or confirmation of the funds received.

Due to the speed at which we have raised funds, donations will not be tax deductible receipts.

Currently, we are going to donate all profits to World Vision. We want to also donate a small amount to some boutique charities we've been in discussions with once they've passed our due diligence.”