Crossift Kids / Crossfit Mitchelton

CrossFit Kids had been running at the gym for a little while, but in June of 2015 we thought it was time for a revamp. We noticed that there were more and more kids wanting to get into something different, get fit for their team sport and do something fun. Term 3 and 4 of 2015 CrossFit Kids Mitchelton has been developing a structure and a program that will challenge, 
grow and bring FUN into CrossFit Kids. We want more than anything to see kids enjoy moving and being healthy and to realise their individual potential as athletes. Children and young people are always ready to have fun and to learn so, we break traditional CrossFit movements into bite sized lessons and add in some fun. 

Our Juniors age group 4-9 years old start by learning larger movement patterns like squatting, push ups, running, jumping, skipping, climbing and moving their body in space. After Juniors have mastered these skills enough we move into adding complexity and adding small weights. Every Juniors session or WOD (Workout of the Day) is made up of a warm up game or activity, skill practise and a strength movement, followed by the metabolic conditioning (metcon), topped off with a game to finish. We incorporate traditional games into the CrossFit Kids like Red Rover, What's the time Mr Wolf?, Musical Chairs and Dodge Ball, but they are all done CrossFit Kids style. 

Our next two groups PreTeens (9-12years) and Teens (12+ years), these are kids who can take more direction and are more keen to be challenged with tough metcons and movements. Similar in WOD structure as the younger age groups, the PreTeens and Teens are challenged with higher reps, more complicated movement patterns, barbells and heavier weights are slowly introduced. Our PreTeens and Teens age group start Olympic weightlifting drills and exercises and advanced gymnastics such as pull-ups and handstands.

We have seen some amazing changes in our children as they have consistently come to CrossFit Kids, 1-3 times per week. Children grow in confidence, self belief and approach other parts of their life with the tenacity they learn from a CrossFit workout. We have had countless reports of children proclaiming confidently to friends that they do CrossFit, breaking out in squats at the local supermarket, designing their own workouts at home and 5 year old girls empowered with confidence in their own strength and ability. 

In a culture of convenience, leisure, junk food and couch bound children, CrossFit Kids Mitchelton has been able to light the fire of the little champion, the strong girl, the awkward teenager and the lanky boy who never thought they could be an athlete. We love what we do and we look forward to growing even more in coming years.