Meet a Member

In this Blog we talk to Elisha Thompson about her journey through Crossfit

Elisha Thompson

Q: Who or what got you into crossfit?

A: My son moved football clubs and my partner had seen the gym near the football grounds and was interested in joining.. as he is a chicken I enquired first and signed up for an intro session.. As you will know I was fully dedicated from that moment as my intro fell on the morning after the state of origin so I made sure I didn't drink too much and rocked up at 6... in the A.M.. yep.. true story!!

Q: Why did you give it a try?

A: I don't like the whole typical gym with technological machines and mirrors (I would have blown a machine up pressing the wrong buttons or end up on youtube in bloopers) … so I thought hmm this is different why not?

Q: What made you come back after your intro?

A: 4 days after my intro when I was able to get up and walk straight without limping I realised how unfit I was compared to how I used to be pre-kids and got the ‘bug’ back ... that and we had started a weight loss challenge at work just prior. (Which I ended up winning.. thanx CFM)!

Q: How long have you been coming?

A: Ummm.. since July 2013 so however long that is.

Q: What improvements have you seen since starting?

A: Crossfit wise – I am stronger, fitter, faster… hmm that should be a slogan don’t you reckon?Personal wise  - my confidence is back baby yerrrr !

Q: What's the biggest change in your life have you seen since starting your crossfit journey?

A: EVERYTHING! From the way I eat (I now think twice when going for that 3rd piece of cake) to the way I can try on smaller clothes and walk into ‘girls’ shops without pretending I am buying for my fake teenage daughter, to the way my family has gotten on board with getting ‘healthier’ food and exercise wise.

Q: What keeps you motivated to keep crossfitting?

A: The changes i see and the goals I want to get to.

Q: 2015 Goals?

A: Handstand push ups with no ab-mat and Muscle upsssssssss!!...Ooo and to invest in some lifting shoes..!

Q: Favourite movies?

A:Calamity jane, Grease, Mary poppins, Usual suspects, Gone girl, Notebook *sigh*, Hostel, or any horror ones.. oo-oo or any ones with a twist yeah!

Q: Favourite foods?

A: Mango’s, Mums lasagne and hommus, any salads

Q: What advice would you say to someone thinking of starting crossfit?

A: Just try it! But make sure you go to a good box like CFM who care about safety and technique and make you feel welcome no matter of your age, weight, athletic ability.

Q: What do you do (if anything) outside of crossfit?

A: Sports wise... nothing anymore.  *sigh* Personal wise…take photos part-time Family wise…be a taxi to my 3 kids who have a better social life than me for some reason.

Q: If you could program a workout, what would it be?

A: Something with lifting, pull ups and push ups, … ok basically ANYTHING but running!

Q: What movement would you make your trainer do?

A: Anything I can be harsh with no reps :P… jks. my name is billy not silly.. I wouldn't ‘make’ them do anything as I know the karma bus would be waiting for me.