The Zone Diet - an experience with Tonia Cook

Welcome to another BLOG from Crossfit Mitchelton. This time, we talk to Tonia Cook about her experiences with the 6 week food (zone diet) challenge, and have a look at the changes through-out the 6 weeks!!!

Tonia Cook

Q: Why did you decide to try the Zone?
As the gym was running the 6 week challenge, I had no excuse not to try it!

Q: What was the hardest part while zoning?
Probably the hunger and headaches the first few days! Mainly the hunger though! I think headaches were from being hungry, and also sugar/refined carb withdrawal!

Q: When did you start seeing changes in your body?
Probably after the first week I noticed feeling slimmer and more energised.

Q: Did you see changes in anything else in life? (attitude, energy levels, recovery, stance)
My energy levels definitely rose, and my performance at the gym also improved (mainly in areas of cardio). I've also noticed that I don't get headaches anymore (after first week anyway!). Prior to zoning, on average I'd have a headache probably once or twice a month, but I haven't had any since zoning! It could be because of cutting out the alcohol or possibly alteration to food?!

Q: Did you have any doubts?
- What were they?

No I didn't have any doubts as there is nothing about it that doesn't make sense to me - ie if you eat fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and protein etc in the right quantities how can that NOT be good for you?! Makes complete sense to me.

Q: What was your "go to meal" during zone?
One of my favourites (thanks to chef Jase) was zucchini pasta with chicken, mushrooms etc. Yummo!

Q: What was your least favourite meal?
Probably the three lots of deli meat per day. It's only a small quantity, but one does tire of it!

Q: Did you give yourself enough variety?
Yes. I am very lucky to have a partner that enjoys cooking and does a great job of making delicious and varied zone friendly meals every day!

Q: what was your WORST cheal meal?
We were pretty tame, but probably just a massive quantity of something that was otherwise healthy! (Or maybe there was some sneaky nachos and KFC chicken in there somewhere?!)

Q: What advice, encouragement would you give to someone trying Zoning out, or thinking about it?
Just battle through the first week and then things will get so much easier, and you'll see results that will encourage you to keep going! Oh and not having things on hand that don't fit into meal plan - ie if I have something banned on hand I have no self control, but if it's not there I'm fine!

Q: Before zone photoshoot thoughts?
- did you think it would make a difference
- did you think you would stick to the zone

Yes I was pretty sure I'd see a difference, and I did!

Q: After zone photoshoot thoughts? GO!
Yep I lost 4.6kgs of fat, hooray for that! And I think my photos show my changes.

Q: Will do Zone again, or you using things you learnt now after the 6week challenge has finished?
Yep we are still zoning! We aim for 80% compliance though as opposed to 100% compliance during 6 week challenge.