The Zone Diet - an experience with Katy Young

Welcome to another BLOG from Crossfit Mitchelton. This time, we talk to Katy Young from CF Mitchy about her experiences with our recent 6 week food (zone diet) challenge, and have a look at the changes through-out the 6 weeks!!!

This is proof nutrition is the base of your training

This is proof nutrition is the base of your training

Q: Why did you decide to try the Zone?
To eat better

Q: What was the hardest part while zoning?
Deciding on meals to have

Q: When did you start seeing changes in your body?
Almost straight away felt less bloated.

Q: Did you see changes in anything else in life? (attitude, energy levels, recovery, stance)
I felt better, my attitude stayed the same. Maybe fitter in wods but hard to tell.

Q: Did you have any doubts?
    What were they? 

That I was measuring properly.

Q: What was your "go to meal" during zone?
Stir fry vege and meat.

Q: What was your least favourite meal?

Q: Did you give yourself enough variety?
Possibly not! I tried to change up protein and fruit 

Q: what was your WORST cheal meal? 
Red rooster wrap and regular chips.

Q: What advice, encouragement would you give to someone trying Zoning out, or thinking about it?
Do it!

Q: Before zone photoshoot thoughts?
    did you think it would make a difference - Yes
    did you think you would stick to the zone - Yes

Q: After zone photoshoot thoughts?
GO! Yep heaps difference and people notice!

Q: Will do Zone again, or are you using things you learnt now after the 6 week challenge has finished?
I am still zoning! Works for me!