My name is Kev Adsett (AKA: KEVY) I am 47 years young. Born and bred in Brisbane (QUEENSLANDER!). I’ve been a carpenter/builder operating in the industry for the last 29 years (Renos/new builds). I’m a meek and mild and quite a shy type of person... NOT!!!!!   I’ve been married to my lovely wife, Tan, for 22 years (you get less for life) and we have beautiful twin 14 year old girls Jessie and Ellie (they’re killing me).
I originally tried CrossFit after a check-up with my cardiologist. She found that I was ‘obese’ 91kg, had a hole in my heart and an enlarged aorta. Due to the enlarged aorta, she said I would have to be on medication (beta blockers) for the rest of my life and if that didn’t work, it was surgery. This was my wake up call!  I would have to adjust my life significantly even though I was advised that diet and exercise would not stop my aorta enlarging further (a condition which runs in my family). But I was determined not to go on medication or face a risky surgery. Also it might be a surprise but I am partial to a cold ale occasionally, so this would have to be curbed... much to my disappointment.
Jimmy Wilkins suggested I give CrossFit a go.  I did my intro with the nice guy of the gym ‘Rimu’. After my session Jimmy asked if it was for me….. I said “give me til next week to recover and I might get back to you”. I didn’t want to do another high impact sport at my age, so I decided I’d give it a go. That was March (I think) 2013. The following Tuesday it was game on, starting 2 to 3 days a week and building up to 5 to 6 days a week. Bloody addictive s#!t.  

The diversity of movements and techniques were the main attraction for me, because it put me out of my comfort zone. I probably think I’ve improved more than what Phil and Lil think! But my gymnasty and Olympic weight lifting techniques overall, since starting, are looking a lot more what they’re supposed to, rather than looking like an old gumby.
The biggest change in my life since starting CrossFit would be that I’m stronger in general, much less aches and pains ( I mustn’t be working out hard enough) and overall more energy.

After my check up with the cardiologist (12 months after starting CrossFit) , my results were in her words ‘unbelievable’. I lost 14 kg, my aorta hadn’t enlarged any further and all other blood counts were perfect.  All my Doctors were amazed at how I had turned things around in such a short time, thanks mainly to CrossFit.
I find the biggest challenge in CrossFit for me is to not turn up, especially when you’re surrounded with such amazing coaches and athletes. Sorry was that too much. LOL.  Hitting PB’s are definitely a highlight but feeling healthier and stronger keeps me motivated to keep CrossFitting, especially now I’ve learnt to scale ( sort of ).  

When I first started, the coaches said if you are here for 3 months you’ll do it for the rest of your life……… ‘CROSSFIT’ is an amazing tool in life, whether it be to make you a better sportsperson or to just keep a level of individual fitness. I know I’ll be around this community due to its people and challenges for a long time. Sorry guys for that news. HA HA
For anyone thinking of starting Crossfit I would say give it a go.  You’ll be amazed at not only how quickly you see results, but also how addictive it becomes.  The community spirit and new friendships really help in motivating you to take on the challenges that Crossfit throw at you daily.
One last thing, I’d like to thank Phil, Lily and all the coaches for putting up with this old rough head for all the past years. Hopefully you can still teach this old dog some new tricks.


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