Hi I’m Lynda McCarthy, I am 28 years old and from Ireland. I came to Australia 8 years ago for a year on a holiday visa and I never left. I am now officially an Aussie! I am the retail manager in DDS Newmarket and have been there for the whole time I've been in Australia
(besides a brief farm stint).

I have been with my partner Jim for just over 10 years and I think it’s safe to say he is stuck with me now :-)

We used to live on Osborne Rd (behind the field) and would often wonder who those crazy people were training outside or over by “that shed”. After some investigation James finally gave it a go (unfortunately due to working 1000 hrs a week he could not commit). He would come home excited and full of energy and kept telling me how much “I would love it!” I didn’t believe him and was happy out plodding along at Fernwood, spinning and body pumping my little heart out.

I finally gave in around March 2015, right in the middle of the CrossFit Open! 
The coaches did an intro with me and from then on, gym owner Lily became my "goals!" Strong, kind just instant inspiration!

My first Saturday class was an CrossFit Open work out and to say I was terrified was an understatement! But everyone was so encouraging and although the loud encouragement did take a little getting used to, that community is the reason I kept coming back. 

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Since starting CrossFit I can honestly say I am a much happier and more confident person. Not only has it changed my appearance (I was just over 80kg at my heaviest with very little muscle), but it has changed the way I choose to look at exercise.

"I am no longer on a constant diet just trying to be skinny, I am more interested in consistency in my eating and challenging my body to do things I never knew or thought it could do. It has also grown my confidence as I have realised that the only person I need to compete with is myself."

I love Crossfit because I am never bored. I’m never going to be the best at everything and there is always something new to learn or improve on. This keeps me driven and I work really hard everyday to improve in any way I can.

It’s the best hour (or so) of the day! Setting little goals and achieving them feels like such a win. I will never forget the excitement of getting my first pull up. I still get excited with every one I add on or anytime I can push that pretty little RX button :-) (doing the workout without scaling)

I recently did my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course and CrossFit Weightlifting Course and I am interning at the gym. [Interning under the watchful, slightly scary but encouraging and helpful eye of gym owner Phil Cosgrove]. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who has the passion and knowledge Phil has.

I am planning on heading back to Ireland next year and the dream is to open my own CrossFit box! Yes that is an open invite to anyone who ever comes to Ireland!

My Advice to anyone who is interested in giving CrossFit a go - "I say DO IT!" It will be the best decision you make.  Whilst it is tough both physically and mentally, if you commit to showing up and getting the work done at whatever your fitness level is you will not regret the strong person you will become.

It’s pretty hard at times living so far from home but Mitchy and it’s awesome community has made me feel so welcome and given me friends for life :-) 

Photo by Elisha Thompson

Photo by Elisha Thompson