This month, the first blog of 2018, we are going to meet Thiago, the quiet achieving, Brazillian born, husband, father and all round great guy.


My name is Thiago Faria Oliveira, but Thiago is my name. Faria is the surname from my mother and Oliveira the surname from my father. In Brazil the kids get 2 surnames one from the mother and one from the father. The English pronunciation would be something like CHI-AGO, but I don't really care if people can't get it right. [Tiago-Diego-Thiiago]

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am 35 years old and I was born in Sao Paulo the biggest city in Brazil. Quite insane when you have 23 million of people living in a space the size of Brisbane, also known as a 'concrete jungle' and the 'drizzle city'.

I enjoy music, leaning about and finding new bands and rhythms, gardening, which I find very therapeutic and I have started home brewing for around 2 years now
 (not very healthy, i know).

I came to Australia in 2010 on a mission to learn English and then go back to Brazil. The idea was to stay for 6 months, however you can't learn much with only 6 months, so I extended a few times my visa. After 2 years I got a job working in the Quality Department of a compounding pharmacy which offered the opportunity for permanence, so I decided to migrate.

It is hard being away from home and the hardest thing is being away is family and friends who I miss. Globalisation has made things easier with culture and food, there's always a Brazilian party happening from time to time with Brazilian music and food to get me a fix. I use to say that I am an atypical Brazilian, I don't know how to Samba (pretty much i have 2 left feet) and I am not a very good soccer player. However, I do love a very long, all day BBQ. The Brazilian BBQ is a social event that lasts all day.....all day..... of many kinds of meat eaten very slowly. So  whenever we have the chance the house was full of people and the BBQ is very busy.

I met my now partner, Trudi, 5.5 years ago. I was out to see a TECHNO DJ from Germany and we met at the gig. From then we have been together and everything has been very easy right from the start. Trudi is a Clinical Psychologist that likes techno and lets me DJ with my records at home loudly, so a perfect partner!!:) 

Trudi is also my ground here, a person that has been by my side through all the moments and a very supportive friend. She is very interested in the Brazilian  culture, also loves the BBQ and has been learning Portuguese to communicate with my family. The first time we went to Brazil she got the approval of my Mother and Grandma, so we settled after that :)

"Trudi is also  my ground here, a person that has been by my side through all the moments and a very supportive friend"

"Trudi is also my ground here, a person that has been by my side through all the moments and a very supportive friend"

We were living together for 4 years in West End and having a very city life. We decided we wanted to move somewhere we could call our own and add some nails to the wall, so we moved to Gaythorne in May 2016. Next it was time to grown our family and in November 2017, Tomas Rafael Oliveira was born and although it has been a roller coaster of emotions for us, some days easy and some days not, we have been enjoying the journey.  Tomas is our pride and joy a absolute great boy and week by week we enjoy parenthood even more. 


Sport has always been present in my life, I have done inline skating and down hill long boarding in the past and so after moving to Australia, I started missing the feeling of practicing a sport. After trying running (which I loved, but my knee hated), I did a bit of boxing. The boxing trainer was a CrossFitter and he invited me to try a class. I started going only once a week, but I absolutely loved it.


Two things that attracted me to CrossFit as a sport were, firstly the diversity of the movements and the range of classes. Doing a different workout everyday of the year is very exciting and most mornings WODIFY is the first phone app I open in the morning to check out what the work out is!!!

Secondly I like how the classes are organised. I am not very good at making new friends and I feel a bit anxious in social interactions. Since I didn't grow up here it has been a hard part of the new life. CrossFit has help me to get out of my comfort zone, helping me not only with the physical part of my body but also with the mental part.


So when we moved to Gaythorne, I checked out CrossFit Mitchelton and the class times suited me so I could attend more frequently, so I became a Mitchy member and nowadays I try to go as much as I can.

What I like about CrossFit Mitchelton is the feeling of 'friendship' that is around.

CrossFit has helped me address a back problem I had for a long time. As long as I keep training I have no issues with the upper back anymore. Pull-ups would be my favourite thing to do also it helps lots with my back pain and I am also very happy to have finally achieved some muscle ups on the bar and rings. It was very hard but I got there. I mostly enjoy everything we do in CrossFit but I  do HATE the ROWER and the AIRDYNE.
(I think i am not alone here:)

Most significantly CrossFit has helped me to be able to walk into a room full of people that I don't know with more confidence, more then I have ever had before. Whilst this is still hard to do, I have gained the courage to at least give things that once challenged me a go.