Four Week Fundamentals Program

To ensure a successful start to CrossFit, Crossfit Mitchelton now provides a Four Week Fundamentals program. These four weeks are specifically designed to provide the right pathway into CrossFit.  For 3 sessions per week (1hour) over the 4 weeks you will work through  foundational movements for CrossFit and the programming will be focused around building skill, strength and cardio endurance. 

If you are an experienced CrossFitter and just require a "refresher" you are not required to complete this program.


* Day One commences regularly on Saturdays at 6.30am-7.30am
* Further sessions agreed on by the group, morning or evening mid-week
* Groups of NO MORE THAN 6 people
* Cost is a one off payment of $240

* All training takes place in the CrossFit Mitchelton facility

For Further information and to book in for the Four Week Fundamentals program contact