Workout of the Day

For time
Thruster (50/35kg)
CTB Pull-ups
Immediately into…
Squat Clean (50/35kg)

Extra Training
2 Clean and Jerks – add load each minute

10 min EMOM
“Gymnastics Pressing” - pick either handstand push-up,
ring dip or push-ups and a number you can hold for 10 minutes,
quality is more important that quantity

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I did a workout with Brooke in Santa Cruz is 2012. The workout had pull-ups and ring dips. Brooke had been CrossFitting for several years at the time, but she had to scale both movements. Look at her now! Progression takes time, consistency is the key to whatever it is you want out of CrossFit. The cool thing about Brooke is that she takes her training seriously, but she still has fun! Don't be in too much of a rush and make sure you enjoy the process.
- Lily