Workout of the Day

This Saturday the 11th of June we will be hosting a fundraiser WOD for our coach and Australian Powerlifting Team Representative, Sarah Petchell as she heads off on June 20th to be a part of the World Championships in Texas.
We were rained out last week, so please come along this weekend to enjoy the BBQ.

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes:
1-5 strict pull-ups

-Pick a number you can hold
-If you think 5 is too easy, make them chest to bar
-scale to banded pull-ups or ring rows, but go for a lower number of a harder movement for you
-score with total number of reps done across the 20 mins

Tabata x 6
6 Tabata intervals of airbike
6 Tabata intervals of kb swing, 24/16kg
6 Tabata intervals of double unders

Rest 1 min between stations
Score is total reps.

** Log results on Beyond the Whiteboard
OR Log your Results via your WODIFY account**