Workout of the Day

“Family Feud”
Class divides into 2 Teams
50 Meter Prowler Push
100 Meter Sandbag Carry
200 Meter Sprint
In a relay fashion, the teams form a single file line each.
Athlete 1 starts with the 50 meter prowler.
As soon as that athlete returns, he or she moves onto the 100 meter sandbag.
Athlete 2 can then start the prowler… and so forth.

Extra Training

Push Press

Clean Pull

With a continuously running clock perform:
1 Assault Bike (Calories) in the first min
2 Assault Bike (Calories)s in the second min
3 Assault Bike (Calories)s in the thridmin...
Continuing this for as long as you are able.
Go till you can't meet the amount of calories in the min.
(Do this after the main wod)

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Natalie Lift