Workout of the Day

Sarah is seeking volunteers for the upcoming CF Kids Comp. Contact here at the gym, or on 0425403222. The comp is this Saturday 13 May, 9-12pm.

For time:
15 push presses
5 rope ascents
12 push presses
4 rope ascents
9 push presses
3 rope ascents
6 push presses
2 rope ascents
3 push presses
1 rope ascent
Use ¾ body weight for push presses and climb a 15-ft. rope.
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Alternative Wod if no rope climbs:
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time:
Push Press @  ¾ body weight
Burpee Pull-ups

Extra Training

Clean Pull

3 rounds for quality: 
30 second top of ring dip
rest as needed
10 second bottom of ring dip
rest as needed
10 second top of pull-up
res as needed
30 second false grip hang

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