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For time:
10 pistols
10-yard handstand walk
20 pistols
20-yard handstand walk
30 pistols
30-yard handstand walk
40 pistols
40-yard handstand walk
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Both exercises in this couplet are intended to be moderately difficult yet done at a quick pace. Both movements require strength, balance and flexibility. Pick a scale for each that pushes your weaknesses, but can still be performed with some intensity.

Intermediate Option
For time:
10 assisted pistols*
1 wall walk
20 assisted pistols
2 wall walks
30 assisted pistols
3 wall walks
40 assisted pistols
4 wall walks

*assisted pistols can be sitting to a box, holding a small weight in front or using a poll or band for balance

Beginner Option
For time:
10 box step-ups, alternating
10-yard bear crawl
20 box step-ups, alternating
20-yard bear crawl
30 box step-ups, alternating
30-yard bear crawl
40 box step-ups, alternating
40-yard bear crawl

Extra Training
Split Jerk

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