Workout of the Day

Working Bee this Sat 20th 11-4pm bring tools!
All belongings need to be moved out of the white lockers by Saturday

Bench Press
Get some good volume in the bench press.
Work on good shoulder/elbow position, with a strong arch off the bench.

Death by kipping pull-up
Death by pull-ups means 1 pull-up in the first minute, 2 in the second minute, 3 in the third and so on till you can no longer get the reps done within the minute. They don’t need to be unbroken. No slow lowers in the kip. If you’re very good at pull-ups be careful to ensure the volume you achieve isn’t a lot more than you have done in recent weeks. If you’re unsure talk to a coach. If you don’t make it to 10 mins, continue to round 15 with jumping pull-ups. If you make it to 10 or more, stop when you can’t achieve the reps in the minute. Score is the last successful round + extra reps. For jumping pull-ups, only go to the round of 15.
For everyone, stop at 20 mins  no matter what.

Extra Training
Accumulate 2 mins L-sit (parallets or floor progression)
10 mins handstand practice

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