Workout of the Day

Working Bee this Sat 20th 11-4pm bring tools!
All belongings need to be moved out of the white lockers by Saturday

Handstand Push-ups
3 x max (strict)


Rotate through the following stations:
- 20 shoulder taps in handstand or pike (feet on box)
- 5 quality wall walks
- 30 sec partner spotted freestanding handstands

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
20 medicine-ball cleans
60 double-unders
Men: 9kg
Women: 6kg

Adjust the movements and reps so you can keep moving for the duration of the workout. The volume of squats will be high, so choose a ball that is manageable. The volume of double-unders is also high in this conditioning workout. If you can do them, this is a good opportunity to practice large sets while fatigued; if you struggle with double-unders, reduce the reps so you can keep moving and don't stall on the rope.
Reduce load and reduce reps of double unders or change to single unders.

Log your Results via your WODIFY account