Workout of the Day

OPEN GYM only today 9-11am

For time:
10 muscle-ups
25 thrusters
1,000-meter row
25 thrusters
10 muscle-ups
Men: 35kg
Women: 25kg

If possible, use a muscle-up variation that still challenges you at your skill level. Reduce thruster load to a weight that is light for you. This is a medium-duration workout of about 10-15 minutes with two opportunities to practice the muscle-up. Push the intensity through the light thrusters and row.
Scale the muscle up to a jumping muscle or muscle up transition or 5-10 strict pull-ups (jumping pullups) + 5-10 strict dips (pushups)

Extra Training
Bench Press

Toes to bar
Max reps in 5 mins

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