Workout of the Day

12-9-6 reps for time of:
Hang squat cleans
Burpee bar muscle-ups
Men: 75kg
Women: 50kg
* will be run in 2 waves with counters/encouragers

This workout is a sprint. Pick a load for the clean that allows you to perform multiple reps, and a burpee muscle-up option you can cycle quickly. If you are unsure of loading or modifications, select lighter and easier options and go faster.

Hang clean - reduce load (aim for a load you can do for at least 4-5 unbroken when fresh)
Burpee bar muscle up - burpee chest to bar pull-up, burpee pull-up or burpee with 6 inch touch overhead

Extra Training

Single Arm Dumbell Press
Perform 12 on one arm and then immediately perform 12 on the otherside for each set

Alternating EMOM 12 mins:
15 V-sits
20 pistols
30 double unders
*scale numbers as needed

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