Workout of the Day

Weighted Pull-ups
*Any grip is allowed, provided arms are completely straight at bottom and chin clearly over at the top.
*Scaling option: accumulate reps of strict pull-ups OR do 7x3 reps of good quality slow lowers

7 rounds for time of:
14 dumbbell deadlifts
14 alternating single arm dumbbell push presses
(for a total of 7 each side)
Men: 22.5kg dumbbells
Women: 15kg Dumbbells

*KBs may also be used if there are not enough DBs, 20 or 24kgs for men will be deemed RXD and RXD+ respectively.

*RXD athletes choose DBs first, scaled athletes may use barbell deadlifts and push presses at 40/30kg

This couplet contains a large volume of two light weightlifting movements. When choosing a load, remember the single arm movement creates a stability challenge, and dumbbell deadlifts require greater range of motion than barbell deadlifts.

Extra Training
Alternating EMOM 12 mins:
Min 1: 30 double unders
Min 2: 15 V-sits
Min 3: 20 pistols
*scale numbers as needed

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