Workout of the Day

9:15am Childminding During School Holidays (with Susie Ibrahim)
Week 2 (April 9th-13th): Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

2 x Burgener warm-up
(1 with broomstick, 1 with bar)

4 x 1 min Handstand Hold
(90 secs rest)
Scaling = Reduce time and/or do Plank Holds instead

Toes to Bar
4 x 15 reps
(90 secs rest between reps)
Scaling = V-sits or H-sits

For time:
Squat Clean, 80/60kg
Bar Muscle Ups

Coaching Notes
* 2 waves (push through warmup and gymnastics
work so there is time for 2 waves of 10-12 mins)
Clean = Reduce load
Bar Muscle Up = Reduce reps, Chest to Bar Pull-up, Pull-up or Jumping Pull-up

Extra Training
4 BTN Snatch Grip Push Press + 1 Snatch Balance
As a complex complete 4 reps of Behind the Neck Push Press and then 1 Snatch Balance before re-racking the bar

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